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Give me heart or give me Bosh

Game 1 of the NBA Finals is here.

There’s been more talk about motivation for these Finals than any other in history. It’s hard to understand. There’s a term “extra-motivation” that’s being thrown around.

What is extra-motivation?

Tomorrow is D-day. Chris Bosh needs to look to Tim Duncan’s comments to be able to re-focus. Here’s an idea: look to the American troops that stormed Normandy for “extra-motivation.”

I have a dear friend who married a woman from Ukraine. She’s extremely worried her country may not exist in a few years. She does her worrying from the United States of America and is happy to be on the path to citizenship. She takes nothing for granted. She’s still impressed that there’s 24 hours worth of electricity.

If you’re the mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter of a dead cop, how sympathetic are you to Chris Bosh needing extra-motivation?

I realize I’m probably being a little melodramatic but I can’t take any more of the Chris Boshes and Roy Hibberts of the world struggling mentally to play a game. I’m not calling them out for struggling with their game. That’s different. Being in a shooting slump, or batting in the .220s for a couple weeks is completely different. I can’t stand it when someone struggles to “get up for a game,” which is separate from struggling with their game.

We all screw up at work. It’s always hard to give maximum effort that day before vacation. It’s near impossible to stay focused at work when there’s chaos at home. However, all of us owe it to every member of our military from 1775-2014 to take full advantage of our freedom and do the best we can.

On this one, we’re not talking about the the tough times at work. Bosh is looking to find ways to fight off complacency at a time of the NBA Finals. In his last game of the NBA Finals he scored zero points as his teammates carried him to a Game 7 victory. How does he need comments from Tim Duncan for extra-motivation versus just watching game film of the last time he played in a finals game?

You’ve heard the phrase, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I need to fall in line and say something positive about Chris Bosh:

Chris, thank you for helping me to have more appreciation for the way James, Bird, Magic and Jordan play the game.