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This is not a normal June

The cowbells rang strong on Friday’s show. Normally it signals the end of the week and the beginning of relaxation. This week, it signals work for me but an amazing weekend of sports relaxation for you. I’ve been in sports talk radio and I’ve never seen a June this busy.

U.S. Open

I have come to a shocking realization. We’ll be just fine without Tiger. I’m watching Phil. I’m amazed at Kaymer vs. Pinehurst. I’m shocked that the USGA has allowed a course to look brown and unkempt on purpose. I want to see if the famous U.S. Open shots that make the pros look like us actually happen this year.

World Cup

I hate waiting until Monday for the USMNT to play but I love the first weekend. There’s always one shocking upset that doesn’t affect the final standings but sends one country’s media into a frenzy.

NBA Finals

The Miami Heat are no longer playing for the World Championship. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are playing to keep LeBron. This series has proven how worthless Chris Bosh is to James’ chances of coming close to Michael Jordan’s six rings. Why would James opt into Miami’s future after seeing Wade and Bosh in Games 1, 3 and 4? Wade recruited James and Bosh once. He’ll have to do it again after the series.

Stanley Cup

Very strange series. The Rangers completely outplayed the Kings in the first two games and went down 0-2. N.Y. got all the breaks in Game 4 to avoid elimination. They have to be the only team in sports history to be down 3-1 and have plenty of confidence they can do this. I say Kings win the Cup but both teams have three game winning streaks beforehand. Yes, I think it’s L.A. in 7.

Dodgers vs. D-backs

Let this sink in: If the D-backs would have taken 3 of 4 from Houston, they’d be five games out of the playoffs. That’s more of an indictment of the National League, but it shows what a choke job it was this week. The fan apathy is becoming palpable again after a nice bump from the La Russa hiring. Only a sweep of the Dodgers will get the fans’ attention. It’s not out of the question because Brandon McCarthy doesn’t pitch until next week.