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Feelings of a Suns fan

Keep in mind, I will never like the Spurs. I can’t stand Ginobili’s flopping. Every call that goes against the Spurs proves a military coup is upon us in the eyes of Popovich. Every game the name “Bruce Bowen” was put into a scorebook is a signal of acceptance of dirty play.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, be active in helping your kids choose role models.

Will the day ever come that we as a nation celebrate the Tim Duncans of the world versus the over-hyped drama queens that are normally presented to us as choices? Vernon Davis says every decision he makes is designed to promote his brand. Kawhi Leonard won the Finals MVP and his first concern became having to speak to the media. I’m confident Leonard isn’t even aware of his brand.

If you ever decide to become a talk show host, the first thing that will shock you is the amount of people that want you to know how wrong you are. The second thing is how many people want to twist a negative prediction you have about someone’s future into the prism of “hater.” I said Tim Tebow would not be a successful NFL player. That made me a “hater.” I was even told I’m anti-Christian.

I don’t think Johnny Manziel will be a successful NFL player. Tweeters have labeled me a “hater” (interestingly, I’m not labeled as anti-Christian on the Manziel opinion). It’s clear he thinks that extra work and focus of the Mannings, Brady, Brees and Rodgers simply aren’t necessary for him to be successful. I’m pretty sure Eli, Peyton, Tom, Drew and Aaron have had fun off-the-field during their careers. I’m also sure the fun never gets between them and their careers.

Ask yourself if you’d prefer your son to be closer to Duncan and Leonard or more like Manziel. Leonard had the perfect chance when he won the MVP to remind the teams that passed him on draft day to look at him now. He didn’t. He praised his teammates. I don’t hate Johnny Manziel. I root for good people and ignore the guys that lack respect or passion.

It’s a good day to remember who should be our kids’ role models in the wake of the death of Tony Gwynn. Twenty MLB seasons. Same franchise.

I’m not happy the Spurs won the title but I am happy Duncan and Leonard did.