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It’s not 1984, but…

If you are between the ages of 25-35, you have no real memory of the 1984 NBA Draft. There’s a chance if you type “1984” into Google, “1984 NBA Draft” will come up as the first option. It was that big.

Four Hall of Famers.

Seven All-Stars.

Nineteen 5+ year players.

One great dunker (had to give Terence Stansbury some love for that cool 360/Statue of Liberty dunk in the dunk contest).

Thursday is your 1984.

The 2014 draft is amazing. It’s not quite as good as the 1984 draft, but it really isn’t that far off. If you’re younger than 35, this will be the draft you look back on like those of us 40 and above look at Michael, Hakeem, Charles and Stockton.

I don’t see a guy that I would label as a sure-fire Hall of Famer. However, I see about 20 guys I would consider taking at No. 5. This draft is crazy deep. We are blessed to have a Ryan McDonough in charge of the Suns’ draft because a mistake this year will set a franchise back two years.

Seven teams have more than one pick in the first round. Five teams have a legitimate shot at LeBron James, and how those teams handle Thursday night might affect his decision. One team could “draft” Kevin Love.

The Suns could trade up to the eighth spot. Phoenix could package picks and players to Minnesota for Kevin Love. They could pull a draft and stash. It’s not far-fetched to trade one of the first-round picks in this loaded draft for two future first-round picks.

My favorite scenario is to draft Adreian Payne and Dario Saric. Leave Saric in Europe to mature. Trade a pick for future picks. Sign Luol Deng in the offseason.

June 26, 2014 will be the date we look back on as a huge moment in Suns history. I believe it will be a positive one.