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Weekend witness

What a great weekend of family, football and golf.

Here’s my observations from Thursday through Monday. Tweet me @doug987FM to tell me what you saw.


Amazing. Almost 10,000 for a game against Weber State. Although the attendance from adults is sad, the future is bright with so many students making ASU football important.


Not even close to acceptable if they’re truly a championship-caliber team. It’s too early to judge the rest of UCLA’s season with their starting center hurt, playing on the road against a good UVA defense. After granting them an excuse, the tackles were not good. With a schedule as difficult as any in the country, that line is the difference between competing for a conference championship and competing for a good bowl game.


Larger than most NFL offensive lines. Dan Skipper is a 6-foot-10 sophomore left tackle who moved from starting at guard as a freshman. The kid is massive and athletic. With the spread so prevalent, many college defensive lines are small. Watching Arkansas play old school might make a lot of other colleges go back to school. Too bad Arkansas can’t play defense.


It was only one game. It appears the one-and-done quarterback phenomenon every year under Rich Rod is over. Yes, it was a weak opponent but Solomon showed poise and patience with the needed athleticism to run the read-option.


Monday was my last day of golf for the year because I’m too busy to play during football season. I shot a 93. I’ve never broken 90 before. I missed five very makeable putts. Putting is the only part of the game I’m pretty good at. So it was frustrating to not put myself into the desert as often as usual but not take advantage.

Doug & Wolf