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Franz’s College Football Unbiased Poll – Week 1

It’s time to end bias in America!

No more preconceived notions allowed in the American education system.

We need one person in the United States that can do the work of 13 other Americans.

Since no one has stepped up to fill the void, I will be that man.

Presenting the first in American history College Football Unbiased Poll.

All Americans would agree that there aren’t enough College Football Polls. After years of the BCS, we never did figure out who was Harris and voted in his poll. We never have to wonder any more because now we have a poll with only one person to blame for errors.

Since I have been screaming in the night for twenty years to have a 16-team playoff, I’ll rank the teams one through sixteen, with a catch. What ever your college did last year, the year before, the decade before or the century before will never be taken into consideration. There are four criteria with the first two rated together.

1) Who did you play? – a combination of Conference affiliation and my unbiased eye of your talent.

1) Where did you play? – Yes, there are two number ones because they’re of equal importance.

3) How did you look? – I watch every game unless it involves a Dakota.

4) There is no such thing as a good loss – Moral Victories are for losers.

Clearly, there are teams that aren’t in the poll that I think would beat another head-to-head. However, this poll isn’t about what I think. It’s about what’s been proven on the field. You want your college in the playoff? Play someone good and beat them soundly on the road.


1) Texas A&M – Far and away the most impressive win of the weekend doing it on the road in a conference game.

2) LSU – Technically, Houston is a neutral site so it’s not LSU’s fault they bring more fans than Wisconsin does, but Wisconsin would have made the playoff if they had a coach because this would have been a win.

3) Georgia – Home wins are never as impressive as road wins, but when you play someone and dominate while other teams were wasting their time with patsies.

4) North Dakota State – Obviously your initial reaction is to scoff since winning in Ames, Iowa isn’t the most difficult test, but name an FCS who went on the road and beat a team with 20 more scholarships.

5) Florida State – Oklahoma State is not a great team but they’ve become a good program and winning in the Cowboys backyard of Texas is a strong performance.

6) Alabama – If this game would have been in Tuscaloosa, the Tide would have dropped considerably. But winning with a young quarterback away from home in the first game usually means better days are ahead.

7) Temple – West Virginia looked much better than Vandy so Temple is one spot behind ‘Bama but that was a great road win versus a team from the premier conference in the country.

8) UCLA – The offense looked pathetic but winning on the road without your starting center shouldn’t be ignored.

9) Rutgers – New Jersey to Seattle in Week 1 is the ultimate test even if you are only playing Washington State.

10) California – Again, no bias because we all have our thoughts on how bad the team is, but they proved more with a major conference road win than most teams winning at home.

11) Auburn – Conference wins in Week 1 are impressive, but domination is why the Tigers make the playoff.

12) Ole Miss – Without Chris Petersen, Boise State is not the same program but neutral site wins against reasonably talented FBS teams will always rank higher than the plethora of games against over-matched FCS teams that most teams offer up in Week 1.

13) BYU – Beating UConn is never a reason to storm the field but this shows you just how few teams went on the road against FBS teams, plus Taysom Hill threw for 300 yards and almost ran for another 100.

14) Louisville – Every year is the year some expert claims “the U” will be back in contention so I’m not going crazy on the opponent, but winning a conference game and looking excellent doing it puts the Cardinals in the poll.

15) Ohio State – Beating an FBS team on the road with your backup QB is impressive.

16) Mississippi State – Every kid who plays for Southern Mississippi thinks Ole Miss and Mississippi State made a mistake by not recruiting them so a shutout of a motivated group of Golden Eagles slips the Bulldogs into the playoff.