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Off my chest: Thoughts from the last two weeks

So many things have happened in the last two weeks that I figured a shotgun of opinions would be the way to write an “I’m back” blog. If you agree or disagree with anything and want to give me your opinion, tweet me @doug987FM.


Outstanding season. Terrible ending. Defense gave up 267, 206 and 188 rushing yards to end the season. Whenever a team scored 21 or more points, the Cards were 0-4. Although that’s not a good stat for the offense, it shows allowing 27 points to Carolina doomed Arizona. Ryan Lindley was terrible and it doesn’t matter. Cards couldn’t win with the way defense played the last three games.


No one cares when you beat Duke. Everyone should care when you beat a David Cutcliffe-coached team. He’s a good coach. ASU had a good year.


7-5 isn’t good enough if you’re the top dog. The SEC earned its reputation as the best conference in college football. The performances of Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Auburn force the conference to re-earn the reputation because they did not sustain it.


Some guy named Nick sent me an e-mail saying, “Scoreboard SEC honk.”

The Big Ten went 5-5 in bowl games, 2-2 straight up against the SEC. Therefore, .500 must mean dominance in the eyes of the Big Ten fan.

Since Ohio State fans are the only fan base delusional enough to try and talk trash after the win, I’m going to assume the e-mail wasn’t referring to the Big Ten but to Ohio State specifically. So the scoreboard reads: SEC 10/OSU 1. Yes, Ohio State’s win was their first bowl win over an SEC team in 11 tries.


I’m one of the few that likes college football better than the NFL. I’m glad he’s back in college.


I’m tired of the excuses for why the players give everything to beat OKC and Toronto then struggle with Philly and Detroit. That’s a lack of professionalism from the players.


Ballots are due Tuesday for the Hall of Fame voting. I can’t wait to hear the excuses from the people that did not vote for Randy Johnson.


Kentucky is good but UCLA was down 24-0 last month in a neutral site game against the Wildcats. This month, Utah beat UCLA 71-39. An amazingly embarrassing hire will haunt the program for years.


The Orange Bowl is no longer played in the Orange Bowl. The Cotton Bowl is no longer played in the Cotton Bowl. If the Rams move to an NFL-quality stadium in L.A., would the Rose Bowl stay in the Rose Bowl?