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Wolf: Time to mend relations

Anquan Boldin fired his agent. Henry VIII beheaded two of his wives.

Throughout history, what a person does has never been more important than why he/she does it? Modus operandi has always been at the heart of every action a person has taken throughout the annals of time. Some of the most insidious, heinous acts of humankind were mere manifestations of a person’s desires. The things people need explains what people do.

Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England, was thought to be an adulteress and was accused of committing high treason; King Henry VIII beheaded her because he wanted a son she could not give him. Later, Catherine Howard, Anne Boleyn’s lady in waiting and first-cousin, married her cousin’s killer and subsequently suffered the same fate. Henry VIII accused her of being an adulteress and committing high treason. This time, his motives were pure and her guilt was certain.

Unfortunately for the Boleyn family, Henry VIII actions were consistent but his motives were very different; regardless of the brutality, one queen was innocent and one was not. Whether Henry VIII motives were sincere – and whether the accusations were true or not – was immaterial. The why justified the what.

We find ourselves in a similar situation with Anquan Boldin and Drew Rosenhaus. Why Anquan fired Rosenhaus is far more important than the pink-slip itself. What is he hoping for? What will happen now? What does Anquan need?

We are hours away from answering these questions. It won’t take long to discern what this means. Actions speak louder than words. The best thing Anquan could do right now is join his teammates in OTA’s.

This act of contrition, this olive branch would go a long way with the powers that be in Tempe. The combination of firing Rosenhaus and possibly showing up for OTA’s could start the healing process, expediting Boldin’s contract demands. The Cards know they need Anquan but they need him on their terms, when the time is right.

Anquan’s image in this city and across the NFL has taken a serious hit and this must grind on one of the premier tough guys in the league. Some people – in a fit of ignorance – have actually referred to The Quan as a diva, a wide receiver in the same vain as Ochocinco.

Please, what a joke. I will not dignify this with a response but I do wonder why Anquan made this move?

Did Rosenhaus “get the ax” because he could not produce a contract, or did he “kneel on the green” because his guilt and complicity became obvious to one of the fiercest warriors in the game?

What will it be: Anne Boleyn or Catherine Howard?