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Wolf: Theme park crumbling down

Many people today don’t take care of the things they have, don’t maintain them, because another one can be purchased to replace the old one. We live in a disposable world where electronics, appliances, cars, houses and even people are neglected and discarded.

Knowing when an item can be maintained and knowing when it is broken is the paragon of prudence.

Sometimes the 42″ large screen TV that weighs 155-pounds with a profile three-feet-wide needs its tube broken for all eternity. Sometimes the coffee-pot needs emptied…not the filter, the entire appliance. Sometimes the old war-wagon with 200,000 miles on it can’t be salvaged. Sometimes the house burns down and you need a new house. Sometimes, to my disgrace, the marriage can’t be saved.

Sometimes maintenance is overrated. Sometimes it’s time to start over. And sometimes it may be too late. Discerning the times and the seasons and when to make moves in professional sports leagues separates one general manager from another. Knowing when to “sell high” and when to stay the course is what builds careers and fattens wallets.

The Phoenix Suns have given us a great ride. But the ride is over – Ron Wolfley, reporting.

The problem is the Planet Orange Ride was maintained, prolonged, cared for and preserved. The theme-park was crumbling down around it but the ride was ready to go and making money.

Sometimes maintenance is overrated.

I came across something I wrote two-years ago and I’d like to offer you a retro-shot of verbiage from the bowels of the Wu Fang Clan:

The Suns MUST get something of value for STAT. He is the most talented asset the Suns possess and, therefore, the key to the Suns competing in the Western Conference in the future. What those pieces are remains in the hands of the creators of Planet Orange. Only they know what is being bantered about behind close doors but, make no mistake, those “pieces” will comprise the planet’s core for the next five-years.

It will not stop with Amare; it should not stop with Amare.

The Suns should move Steve Nash as well and complete the trajectory of change. Declivitous though it may be, Nash without Amare does not compute. Why would the Suns sign an aging Steve Nash to a 2 or 3-year contract when the rest of the planet is exploding?

That was before the Suns finished third in the Western Conference and went on to challenge the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals with Amare and Nash leading the way.

Was it worth it? Was being relevant for a season worth prolonging the inevitable: a basketball team that didn’t include Amare and Nash?

Only you can answer that question. There is a different answer for each of us.

For me and the compound, it was. I am glad the Suns didn’t move Amare and Nash. As I read my dusty words I must admit: I’m glad I’m not making decisions for anyone. Last year was special. Planet Orange was special. Sweeping the Spurs was worth it alone!

But the Suns lost Amare Stoudemire. They got nothing for him. Although he had many holes in his game, he represented the cornerstone that would lay the foundation of Planet Orange’s rebuilding project. He walked. The Suns will never get that back. They lost their most valuable piece to the rebuilding puzzle and got nothing in return.

Unfortunately, they can’t make the same mistake with Nash.