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Quarter-Brock revelations

Brock Osweiler is turning into one of the better quarterback prospects in the country. Few kids playing on Saturday combine his size, athleticism and quarterback acumen with a compact release. He’s 6’8″ but moves like a guy that is much smaller. He’s coordinated and shows decent footwork in the pocket. He seems to have the arm-strength to make all the throws and demonstrates touch when needed.

And now I learn from Doug Franz (Douglice) via Sun Devils analyst, Jeff Van Raaphorst, Osweiler is managing film room meetings while preparing for games. To the degree in which he “manages” these meetings is of little concern to me. The fact he has the clicker and pointer in hand, telling his teammates what they’re looking for here, and/or what they should expect there, and/or explaining the offense in detail is extremely impressive — especially when he’s doing it in front of Sun Devils Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone!

It’s a brilliant coaching strategy. I don’t know who is actually responsible for this coaching decision but I have never heard of it being used at the college level. Bernie Kosar could do it and did it; Neil Lomax could do it and did it; Chris Miller could do it and did it. These guys were grizzled veterans, not first-year full-time starter Osweiler.