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Wolf’s Freakshow: Part II

When I played the game of football I used what my Creator
gave me to the best of my ability. I was too small, too
weak, too slow…too everything but was blessed with playing
in the National Football League for ten years – even
though I shouldn’t have been there ten days.

And this is why I’m fascinated by players that have been
gifted with so much more. Before we proceed with the 2012
Freakshow for this year’s NFL Draft, I offer this
disclaimer: to be called a “freak” in my world is a term
of endearment.

“Freaks play football” and have existed in the game of
football since our species began pummeling each other and
the inception of the NFL did nothing to diminish this
maxim. NFL executives, scouts and coaches have searched
the world high and low, near and far for the biggest,
strongest, fastest, quickest and most powerful people on
the planet. Ted Hendricks, Bob Hayes, LC Greenwood, Ed
“Too Tall” Jones, Bubba Smith, Deacon Jones, Harold
Carmichael, Jerry Ball and many more are proof of this

I do not use the word “freak” in any way, shape or form
with a negative connotation and certainly don’t mean to
offend those that may use this word to describe the less
fortunate plight of some people. I use the word within the
context of which I lived, played and admired for so many
years: the locker room.

And so, without delay or hesitation, I offer you the most
rare, exceptional and unique human beings in this year’s
NFL draft – regardless of where they may be drafted. So I
invite you to step right up and don’t be shy…because you
will not believe your eyes!

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