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Dr. LeBron and Mr. James

When LeBron James transformed himself last season and became the competitor he needed to be and won a championship because of how well he played, he became King James and the sky was the limit.

The demons were excised and LeBron’s house was clean, figuratively speaking. And it was clean because he found The Button, the place where every athlete goes when they are in the zone. If you’re going to compete at the highest level you better craft yourself the intensity-button and know where it is and when to push it, and that’s exactly what LeBron did last post-season.

The Button turns LeBron James into King James and the difference in demeanor is significant. No more smiling, no more laughing, and his eyes look long and hard at those opposing him. He turns into a different human being and he’s doing it again.

People now dare to mention King James’ greatness in the same breath as MJ’s, which is so premature. Yes, Michael had the button too; the only difference was Michael’s button was stuck in the “On” position…and he has five more rings.