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Got ‘Quan?

Anquan Boldin is back in the NFC West and this is not good news for the Seahawks, Rams or Cardinals.

Seattle made a splash by acquiring Percy Harvin, but I don’t think it makes them king of the pool. Harvin only played in nine games last season and, according to the Vikings, he’s a bit of a head case. Harvin is explosive and can score from anywhere on the field and improves the Seahawks’ schematics and tactics, but Boldin accentuates the 49ers strength even more.

The 49ers are a team built on power, a team created from the fires of physicality and toughness. Boldin makes the 49ers the toughest, most physical team in the National Football League — even at wide receiver.

Boldin is the quintessential competitor, fierce in all he does between the white lines. He catches the ball in traffic as well as any receiver in the game, runs the ball after the catch with tenacity not found in receivers and will be a real force beneath Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree.

In addition, Anquan is one of the best-blocking wide receivers in the game, a perfect fit for a run-first team like San Francisco. Frank Gore will appreciate the effort ‘The Quan’ puts into getting a block downfield; Colin Kaepernick will love the strength of Boldin as he pulls the ball out of the back’s belly on read-option and gets the edge, not to mention the wide receiver screens and play-action bang-eights Kaepernick will throw to Anquan.

Boldin won’t be the first option for San Francisco which will make him even more effective in big games like the postseason. Kaepernick, Crabtree, Davis and Frank Gore will carry the load as defensive coordinators desperately try to stop their talents, saving Boldin’s star for when it counts the most.

He may not put up huge numbers in 2013, but he will make huge plays for San Francisco — plays that help teams win big games.

Just ask Joe Flacco.