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Mea culpa Kevin Kolb

I still remember the e-mail I got from a guy that said Kevin Kolb would not be the guy the Cardinals were looking for because he couldn’t stay healthy. He talked about the problems Kolb had in Philadelphia and I ignored him.

In this case, I owe that gentleman a formal mea culpa: you were right and I was wrong for dismissing Kolb’s legacy of injuries and staying healthy.

Injuries are part of the game. They are going to happen and I know you can’t build teams when the sky is always falling. Many times you have to step out of your comfort zone, take chances and hope a player will buck the injury tag — especially if the sample size you’re working with is small.

And this was the case in Arizona. Kolb showed flashes of being the guy the Cardinals thought he was going to be and got hurt. Kolb showed he was resilient after losing the job to John Skelton and played well last season…and got hurt.

Coaches want players that are dependable and accountable. Part of being dependable is being available. The other part of being dependable is playing consistently when you are available. It doesn’t always mean you play great; it doesn’t always mean you win. It only means you are relatively consistent when you compete.

In the end, Kevin Kolb was neither. And that’s why Kolb is looking for work today.