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The Dirty Bird makes sense for the Cardinals

I wanted to see the Cardinals go get Karlos Dansby weeks ago because of his unique skill set and need for depth at inside linebacker. With the trouble surrounding Daryl Washington, it makes even more sense for Big Red.

And the Dirty Bird came to town.

Los Dirty is a proven player and multifaceted. He excels in space and has incredible ball skills. He’s a playmaker capable of producing sacks, stripping balls, picking passes off and being around the ball.

Dansby can play, and has played, both inside backer positions in a 3-4 defense. In a gross simplification, the Mike backer plays inside-strong side and needs to hold up at the point of attack. The Bill backer plays inside weak side and needs to be capable of covering a ton of ground and playing well in space. And can do both.

Finally, the Dirty Bird is a leader, on the field and off. Even though it seems like Dansby has been around forever, he’s still only 31 years old. He’s experienced, capable and has a history with this franchise.

The only question I have is this: how much does he want? Every man has his price and so does every franchise.

One thing is for certain: the trouble with Daryl Washington isn’t bringing down Dansby’s asking price.