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The Corbin Conundrum

I hated to see Patrick Corbin get lit up against the Dodgers on Tuesday. Here’s a guy that appears to be the ace of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ staff going into 2014. And you want to see guys that are cornerstone players finish strong and play well against division rivals.

Unfortunately, the Diamondbacks ace has not earned the respect of what appears to be the new NL West ‘Ruler of All Things Baseball.’ After the season Corbin has had, you would have loved to see him finish strong — especially against the Dodgers.

Corbin went two innings, gave up seven hits and allowed six earned runs. But that’s typical against L.A. The D-backs’ division rival will not be dreading their games against Corbin in 2014. Corbin has pitched 19.1 innings against the Dodgers and has a WHIP of 1.66 and an ERA of 5.12.

Tuesday was telling. Although I believe Corbin is on his way to becoming an excellent starting pitcher, can you really consider him your ace if he’s dominated by your rival?