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The eyes of Costas

I sat down to watch the Winter Olympics Monday night in Sochi and was stunned by the eyes of Bob Costas. Although I heard from Paul Calvisi’s updates that Costas had contracted an eye infection last week, I was not prepared for what I saw.

Bob Costas has one of the worst cases of pink eye (or something like it) I have ever seen.

Sochi has been a disaster. They’re manufacturing snow; they have stored snow away for a sunny day; the snow is slushy; the temperatures are balmy along the Black Sea; Olympians have pulled out of certain events for safety precautions; snowboarders kept falling in the half-pipe and demanded alterations; and the media reports of widespread inconvenience have been legendary in some instances.

And now we have the face of the Olympics in the United States of America coming down with a severe case of pink eye or, in this case, Commie Red Fung-eye. Barring any major unforeseen calamity, the infected eyes of Bob Costas and his reporting on these Olympic Games is what I’ll remember the most. He had to be relieved of his duties…and it all happened in Sochi.

What a nightmare.