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David Blatt being the Cavaliers coach could appeal to LeBron James

The more I researched David Blatt the more I thought of Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs and what they did to Miami. And I wondered if LeBron might find this kind of basketball appealing?

The rumors of LeBron returning home are picking up steam, yet everybody knows the next head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers will impact that possibility.

Pop is considered one of the best strategists in the game — a coach that demands his team to play like a team, a coach that demands ball movement, a coach that incorporates heavy doses of the Princeton offense.

Having said this, think of what we just saw in the Finals. Think about the pinpoint detection, diagnosis and dissection of the Miami Heat defense. I think that dissection left an indelible mark on LeBron James. I could be wrong, just a theory.

David Blatt is a proponent of the Princeton offense, having played there as a point guard himself for four years. Do you think LeBron James might be attracted to something like that, knowing he is a team player and a guy that felt the weight of the world on his shoulders?

I think he would.

And I think of the Spurs as an organization. How many players do they have from overseas? How many foreign players are on their team and contributed to destroying the Heat? Is David Griffin trying to model the Cavaliers after the Spurs and, if so, do you think LeBron James would look favorably on that? Also, do you think David Blatt has a good relationship with overseas scouts, coaches and players? Say yes.

Finally, imagine LeBron’s protégé, Kyrie Irving, playing like Tony Parker?