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Love notes

The Chicago Bulls have targeted Kevin Love and reportedly made an official offer for Love.

This surprised me.

Kevin Love is apparently not LeBron’s puppet. How do we know this? Because there is no way Gar Forman, the GM of the Chicago Bulls, would make a run at K-Love if he didn’t know he had a chance to a) make the deal work and b) re-sign K-Love to a long-term contract.

They wouldn’t open themselves up to a public beat down, putting all the pieces together to make a deal, unless they knew Love would entertain the possibility of re-signing with them. This is the same rationale I used when determining why LeBron had a good chance of ending up in Cleveland. Why would Dan Gilbert and the entire organization open themselves up to a public flogging — again — if they didn’t have a serious chance of getting LeBron? They wouldn’t. You have to believe that Dan Gilbert knew he had a shot at LeBron; and how did he know? Messages were obviously passed along via the grapevine.

So why are the Bulls making a run at Love when we all believe he’s going to Cleveland? Love must have told Mr. Forman he would re-sign with the Bulls. Communication is a beautiful thing, is it not?

I wonder how LeBron feels about that. Why would Kevin Love tell the Bulls he would re-sign with them when he could go play with LeBron?

Ultimately, I think Kevin Love is going to be a Cavalier. But there doesn’t seem to be as much love for LeBron as I anticipated. Interesting.