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Dr. Doug’s FAQs: rWar, Dan Haren, and Todd Graham

or tweet me (@Doug620) throughout the week. In the middle of each week I’ll choose the best ones and answer your questions. Please don’t smell the outfit. It’s nine years old from when my youngest daughter was born.

Today’s edition looks at four main people: Paul Goldschmidt, Dan Haren, Mike Thomas, and Todd Graham.

ESPN baseball insider Keith Law tweeted Paul Goldschmidt’s rWAR is on pace to be the second-highest in team history. Following my retweet, there was a large response. WAR stands for “wins above replacement.” The best way to understand it is to put everything good a player does into a blender and mix it with everything bad. Drink the concoction. If it tastes better than an average juice, that player’s juice is “above” any average juice you would buy to “replace” your old juice. There are two versions of war because 2 different web sites have different taste buds drinking the juice.

The next tweet wanted to know my thoughts on trading for Dan Haren. You’ll have to watch to find out.

Mike Thomas is the newest Cards receiver and one listener wanted to know what I thought. This intensifies the competition at the position, especially for a Sun Devil.

Speaking of the Devils, the last subject is Todd Graham who won a survey he didn’t want. According to ESPN the Magazine’s survey of college football players, coach Graham is in first place as the coach players would least like to play for. I’ll give the secret to fixing the issue.

You want answers? Provide the questions.