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Bills fans show gratitude towards Bengals’ Andy Dalton in numerous ways

The fan base for the Buffalo Bills might just be the most passionate in the NFL.

For 17 seasons they watched their team miss the playoffs. Though, that changed this season.

Thanks to the touchdown pass from Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to receiver Tyler Boyd with just over a minute to play against the Ravens, the Bills clinched a spot in the playoffs.

The “Bills Mafia”, as they call themselves, thanked Dalton for his heroics, sending massive amounts of donations to his charity.

But some took it even further.

Yes, that is a tattoo of Dalton on the body of a Bills fan.

Ironically, that wasn’t the only one either.

Another Bills fan decided to take the tattoo a bit further, showing Dalton diving through a table similar to what would be seen in the WWE.

Or at a pregame tailgate.

It’s clear the Bills have a passionate fan base, but this is taking fandom to another level.

One Bills fan decided to show his appreciation for Dalton in a lesser, but still comical way.

The Buffalo Bills are on the road taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars as they make their first playoff appearance in 17 years, and despite being more than 1,000 miles away from Buffalo, numerous Bills fans were in attendance.

They made it clear that they would not miss their team’s first playoff game in quite some time.

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