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Burns: In time Cards must honor Boldin

It was a full on, wish-I-thought-of-that moment. I didn’t, so I have to give full credit to the Republic’s Cardinals beat writer, Kent Somers. If you scroll down in this report, you’ll find a suggestion that the Cardinals should put Anquan Boldin in their ring of honor one day.

It’s more than a moderate suggestion. It’s a must-have; a get-it-done-yesterday suggestion.

If you’re Michael Bidwill, call the sign maker now. Pick out a piece of real estate on the loop and keep it reserved for #81. The moment his NFL career is over, the first call Q receives should be from the Cardinals. We’d like to immortalize you, please pick a weekend.

Trading Boldin was the right thing to do. It’s a cruel world and a shrewd league. Overpaying for past-their-prime talent is a recipe for failure. As my colleague Ron Wolfley has said many times: Q has amassed the wear and tear of a running back and for that position, 30 is the new 40 in the NFL.

For some, the lasting image of Boldin will be his sideline shouting match with then-offensive coordinator Todd Haley. And I’ll be the first to admit; that and the preseason pity party poisoned my view of him. But if you look at the big picture and the body of work: toughness, leadership, work ethic and the fact that he literally became the model by which all other potential Cardinal draft picks would be measured (as the legend goes, Cardinal scouts were directed to go find the next Anquan Boldin), then he is truly worthy of the honor.

One of the biggest mistakes in the post-Barkley era of the Suns was how long it took both sides to get over it. It was positively glacier-like, both in terms of pace and temperature.

It’s a mistake the Cardinals would be wise not to repeat.