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Burns: Nothing new learned from Tiger

Watched Tiger Woods “interview” this morning and it reminded me of when my nine-year-old declares matter-of-factly that she brushed her teeth.

You know…….with her finger.

Toothpaste was involved. Your mouth feels cleaner. Your breath smells better. But did you really brush your teeth? No. You, in fact, did not.

Tiger Woods was interviewed by ESPN and The Golf Channel. Sure…..the cameras were there, uncensored questions were asked and answers were given. But was it an interview? Just like brushing your teeth with your finger, I’m not really sure what the point was of the Tiger interview.

The interview was too short to glean any new knowledge. His answers were so short, it left the impression that he may never tell us everything about that night and maybe he doesn’t need to. Maybe we’re not owed those answers; you could make that argument and I’d be hard pressed to debate you.

But to expect a five-minute-and-not-one-second-longer interview to tell you anything about the state of Team Tiger is like accepting toothpaste on the finger.

If you’re going to go through all that trouble you might as well just brush your teeth.