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Burns: Amar’e, where were you?

I’ve got this big-time incredulous vibe working right now.

Did the Suns really just squander the thing they worked so hard to attain –
home court advantage – in one night? Did they really just become the only
team in the NBA to lose their 2010 playoff opener at home? Did Andre
Miller just beat the Suns? Was Jerryd Bayless really the best bench player
for either team? Did Amar’e Stoudemire, who worked so hard trying to
prove that the corner had been turned and the lesson learned, regress
right before our very eyes?

Like I said….incredulous is the word of the day after watching the Suns
lose at home to the Trail Blazers.

I can handle losing home court advantage. For me, it truly only matters in
a game seven scenario. I can handle the strong nights by Miller and
Bayless. Ultimately I don’t think the Blazers have the horses to keep up
with the Suns over a seven game series.

But the spotlight is bright on Amar’e now. Over the last two months he
has established this to be his team, his moment and his arrival. 18 points
on 19 shots with a fourth quarter foul out isn’t the Amar’e we’ve become
addicted to the last two months. I kept waiting for that big Amar’e
moment. For him to take over the game. To be what he has been.

Never happened. The Suns, and Amar’e better figure out where that guy
went and get him back…STAT.