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Burns: Steinbrenner always committed to winning

In trying to come up with the words to describe the life and times of George Steinbrenner, all roads circle back to one name.

Jerry Colangelo.

Why do we love Jerry?

Why do we hold him in such esteem?

Why are other Phoenix sports owners (past and present) always held to the “Jerry” standard?

Colangelo wanted to win. Period. If you’re a fan of any team, your foundation for loving that team is forged in the trust that the owner is truly committed to winning.

Frankly, that’s what made rooting for the first 20 years of Arizona Cardinals football damn near impossible. If you aren’t committed, how dare you ask the same of me?

The same can be said for Steinbrenner. He was clearly the most polarizing sports figure in my lifetime. He was loved, hated, idolized and lampooned ( Click here for Seinfield video clip. He restored greatness to the Yankees brand while at the exact same time created the kind of payroll disparity that is ruining the game.

Let’s be honest about this: We were all a little jealous. Every time Steinbrenner’s name was cursed, and every time he was blamed, secretly and privately we wished our owner was just like him.

Completely and totally committed to winning.