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Burns: The similarities of the Suns and a rock concert

Watching the Suns opener the other night and it occurred to me that Suns basketball is like a rock concert. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Let me clarify; Phoenix Suns basketball is like the end of a rock concert.

We’ve all been to the rock concert. At the end, the band says good night and walks off the stage. But by no means is it over. The crowd yells until they’re hoarse while the band goes back to the dressing room and probably pounds a half a bottle of Jack (or God knows what else). Eventually – their egos properly stroked – they come back out to play a couple of their hits.

The good bands will wash/rinse/repeat this process at least twice.

At some point though it ends. The crowd is literally begging for one more song but the lights come up.

THAT’S what watching the Suns opener the other night felt like. That feeling you get at the end of a great concert when you realize there are no more encores and the show is actually over.

Maybe I’m overreacting to one loss (against one of the better teams in the West I might add). But Nash wore down at the end as he was bearing too much of the burden of winning that basketball game. At this pace he’ll collapse by January. Robin Lopez and Hedu Turkoglu were ghosts. They were slaughtered on the offensive glass. Jason Richardson scored 20, the magic number a year ago but not enough for this Suns team. When the game mattered most (4th quarter) the Suns were nowhere to be found.

Last year’s run to the Western Conference Finals might have been that last big hit the band plays as their final encore. A big going away present if you will for all the fans who have enjoyed the show for the last six years.