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Burns: Anderson the healthier option

In rifling through my daughters Halloween candy, I usually settle on the 3 Musketeers bar. Why?
Partly because she won’t notice they’re gone, but mostly because the wrapper screams to me 45% LESS FAT!

I shouldn’t be eating any of this crap, but if I’m going to be weak, I rationalize the choice by telling myself the 3 Musketeers is better for me because it’s not as bad for me.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt is going with his own 3 Musketeers bar as well. His name is Derek Anderson. Anderson has shown some flashes the last couple of weeks in relief of Max Hall. But make no mistake; he’s starting this game because it’s in a hostile environment and as an experienced veteran he should be better equipped to handle Minnesota.

The last time Max Hall started a game in such an environment he wilted. If this game were at University of Phoenix Stadium, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Hall get the nod. Not that there’s much of a choice.

Listening to the coach explain his decision on Wednesday, I was struck by his tone. A subtle lack of conviction, as if he knew he didn’t have any great choices. As if he knew he shouldn’t go rifling through the Halloween candy, but if he’s going to, he’ll pick the treat with 45% less fat.

The bigger issue to me isn’t who starts. It’s who finishes. The last time a Cardinals starting QB started and finished a game? Week 3 against the Raiders. We’re now headed into week 9. Whether it’s injury or performance related, Whisenhunt has had to make a switch in every single game since late September.

Coach said yesterday he won’t have a quick hook. It’s hard for a guy to play quarterback and look over his shoulder at the same time. Ok. But based off recent history it should surprise no one to see both Anderson and Hall Sunday against Minnesota.