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Looking at D-backs season through Magic 8 Ball

In what can only be described as some bizarro-psychological experiment, two baseball fans have been chosen to watch and document every single baseball game this season. They’ll show up to work in a 15,000 square foot, glass enclosed “fancave” that will be visible to people walking by on the street in New York City. Inside are 15 televisions, a built in barber shop, a statue of Willie Mays’ famous catch; the place was conceived by an Extreme Makeover designer.

They’ll blog, they’ll tweet, they can pick up a phone and call into to the MLB Network.

2,463 games. Nearly 400,000 minutes of baseball. They’ll show up in the morning and are required to stay until the last out of the late West Coast games. Many times, that game will feature the D-backs.

Poor guys. Hope the Starbucks next door delivers.

I say that because based off of what I’m reading about your D-backs….it’s going to be a long year. ESPN’s Buster Olney (need ESPN Insider) says a talent evaluator told him they have the least amount of talent of any team he’s seen. played the season 50,000 times with a computer. According to them, the D-backs chances of winning the NL West: 0.1%

But nobody saw the Padres coming last year and yet they came. Just about every “expert” whiffed on that one. So, in times like these, I like to turn to my in-house counsel.

The MAGIC 8 BALL APP on my iPad!* says the Over/Under on the D-backs this year is 72 wins. I’m thinking about taking the under. Is that a good idea?