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Yes, Sun Devils, it’s a better tournament if the Wildcats make a run

There are certain things that just make everything…better.

Bacon on your food. Gene Hackman in your movie. And the University of Arizona basketball team in your tournament.

We’ve all got our brackets and our office pools. Everybody watches March Madness with the dreams of winning some money or at least the hopes of witnessing a fleeting moment of history through a 15 seed like Florida Gulf Coast University winning or a top seed like Gonzaga losing.

But when the Wildcats make a run our tournament watching habits evolve into something else. We become more emotionally invested. If you went to U of A you love them. If you went to ASU, you love to hate them. If you went to neither, you now have a rooting interest in the closest thing we have to a “local” team. It makes it a far more personal experience.

The tournament is just better — I can’t really think of another word for it — with U of A making a run.

Even if you went to ASU.