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Carson Palmer could be worth it for the Cardinals

Two weeks ago, the talk of Carson Palmer to the Cardinals was an intriguing but distant possibility. Now, the story is taking on the tones of a fait accompli, with the league’s own website predicting that it will happen.

It’s all random, sports-talk-radio speculation until he actually gets cut by the Raiders. But assuming he does, is it worth it for the Cardinals to make a run at him?


I do believe he’s better than any quarterback they have on the roster now and is a clear upgrade. I do believe he’s more of a sure thing than any of the shaky quarterbacks available in this draft. I do believe it’s important to show your fans you are committed to improving your roster.


I also believe in what my colleague John Gambadoro has said on our show: Palmer would be the latest in a long line of band-aid, keep-the-seat-warm quarterbacks for the Cardinals. I do believe he wouldn’t represent enough of an upgrade to challenge the Seahawks and Niners.

The variable in all of this is the money.

There is no reason to get Carson Palmer if you have to overpay to do it. If you don’t, there’s no reason not to.