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Philadelphia 76ers pull off hilarious prank on comedian

The Philadelphia 76ers took an interesting strategy while trying to expand basketball fandom internationally.

At halftime of Philadelphia’s game in London against the Celtics, the 76ers pulled off their own joke on comedian Jack Whitehall.

Not only did the organization pull this off perfectly, but the fans also added to the prank by going along with it and cheering, leaving Whitehall clueless until finally watching the replay.

NBA fans probably thought this halftime humiliation would be the most cold-blooded interaction of the night as the Celtics had been trailing by 22 points during the second quarter and the game seemed as good as done.

However, the Celtics proved once again why they are the comeback kings this season.

Kyrie lead Boston with 20 points and seven assists to yet another improbable win.

It’s hard to wonder now who had the worst night, Whitehall after getting punked in front of his hometown or the 76ers after blowing yet another 20-point lead this season.

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