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Gambo: Dispelling Suns rumors

Let me dispel these rumors before they start to takeoff as I have received several emails based on some blogs saying Amare Stoudemire is going to Minnesota for Al Jefferson and the #6 pick.

First, the trade would be a steal for the Suns.

Second, Minnesota’s new top man David Kahn might be fired if he made that trade it is so one-sided.

But the truth is that there have been NO discussions between the teams about this trade.

It is a total BS made up rumor with no legs. The Suns are shopping Amare, but more than likely if they don’t find a deal that they love they will keep him and deal with the alternatives at a later date.

The Suns have no intention at this time of re-signing him and very well could let Amare play out next season — a contract year if he opts out as expected — and either deal him at the trade deadline or after the season in a sign and trade deal.

Kevin McHale never liked Stoudemire when he was in charge of the T’Wolves but now that he is out several rumors will probably be brought up as people try to take advantage of Kahn’s lack of experience.

So before this trade rumor starts to take off let’s do a reality check — it is not going to happen. It has not been discussed. And it is 100 percent completely made up.

As for the Suns draft, there are several prominent players coming in for a workout on the 20th, including, Earl Clark, James Johnson and Austin Daye. This will be Daye’s second visit and he could be very high on the Suns list.

What would you do with Amare for next season? Discuss it on the comment board.