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Gambo: Collinsworth apologizes

It was just about 10 months ago when NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth said that the Arizona Cardinals were the “worst playoff team of all time.” We’ll it’s almost a year later and Collinsworth has issued his apology. Today, as a guest on Gambo and Ash, Sports 620 KTAR Phoenix, Collinsworth was asked if he has any regrets about what he said.

“Of course, ya, when you say something that stupid and it comes back the other way you wish you hadn’t said it,” said Collinsworth.

The current NFL Sunday Night Football analyst said that it was the timing of what he said that needs to be taken into consideration.

“It’s important to realize when it was said,” said Collinsworth. “I had already called the Philadelphia game where they were completely demolished by the Eagles. I just finished watching the worst game of the year by any team that I saw when they were destroyed by New England in a game I thought they – I don’t want to say gave up – but it was pretty close to it.”

The Cardinals went on to prove Collinsworth wrong with playoff wins over Atlanta, Carolina and Philadelphia to reach the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history where they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game in which they led with under two minutes remaining.

“Did it end up biting me in the tail, of course it did,” said Collinsworth. “I apologize to the great state of Arizona for what I said last year.”

The entire Collinsworth interview can be heard online here.