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Gambo: McGwire deserves nothing from us

So Mark McGwire told us all what we already knew – that he cheated and took steroids during his playing career.

So what now?

It doesn’t change anything. He is not suddenly off the hook. Maybe it’s good for his conscience that he came clean and he can now live with himself. But for me it does nothing. This shouldn’t make Hall of Fame voters all of a sudden decide that this one dimensional home-run hitting first baseman who used steroids to break the single-season home run record is now worthy of induction.

McGwire deserves nothing. Not our praise, not our pity, not our acceptance. He made this bed and he has to lie in it. Admitting that he took steroids doesn’t make him any less of a cheater. He is plain and simple a man who cheated the fans and the game itself and he should not be forgiven for being a part of the biggest farce in baseball history and for ruining some of the great cherished records of this game. Not to mention that along the way to 583 home runs he passed some of the true legends of the game and he did it dishonestly. Sorry, but I for one can’t forgive McGwire for tarnishing his legacy and making a mockery of the game I love.

He can come back to baseball. He can coach. He can go on with his life. Sorry, Big Mac, but what you said today I already knew and it does nothing to change my opinion about you. It’s not like you’re off the hook. You shouldn’t be able to come clean and get a new lease on life. You shouldn’t be able to tell the world you were a cheat and now all is forgiven and forgotten. Mark McGwire was a cheater yesterday and he is a cheater today.

Nothing has changed.