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Gambo: Cardinals have regressed to Cardinals of old

And with the 6th selection in the 2011 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select —-. We’ll, it was fun while it lasted but all good things must come to an end. After three years of being relevant in this town and giving the fans competitive football, the Cardinals are back to what we remember the Cardinals being. Because in the end, “The Cardinals are who we thought they were.” Or something like that.

Look, we will take it. After all of that misery since they came here in 1987 — outside of one year with Jake Plummer in the late 90’s — to see this team go 8-8, 9-7 and 10-6 the last three years was a real treat. To watch them win four playoff games and get to a Super Bowl in the last two years will allow some Cardinals fans to die in peace. But it’s over and we have to realize that.

Now it’s back to looking at Mel Kiper’s draft board in November and trying to figure out who the Cardinals are going to take with their top-10 pick. And speaking of that they need help everywhere so concentrate on Quarterback, Running Back, Offensive Line, Tight End (stretch with first round pick), Linebacker and Safety (someone is getting old at that position and is a shell of his former self). They don’t need a punter.

But back to the 3-year run. Wow was that fun! I mean the Cardinals winning Division titles, hosting playoff games, sending players to the Pro Bowl, 3 wideouts in one year having 1,000 yards receiving, having a player on the cover of Madden, having a quarterback earn his place in the Hall of Fame (you know he will, especially when the voters see what this team is like without him). Watching all of it in a brand spanking new stadium or watching it at home on your television because all of the games are sold out. It was a blast. Could we really have asked for more? Probably not.

Let’s not forget that the two previous seasons before this run the Cardinals went 5-11 and 5-11. And I’m sure I don’t’ have to remind you about those seasons. You remember those seasons. Maybe you tried to block it out of your memory but you know what I’m talking about – 2003 when they went 4-12; 2000 when they went 3-13; 1991, 92, 95 and 97 when they went 4-12. Sorry to remind you, but sometimes you need the reminder to appreciate what you just had.

So you didn’t get to marry the hot chick and live happily ever after. But you got to date her for a few weeks. Isn’t that enough?

No you say! You greedy little #$$%$@. This is the Cardinals we are talking about. You want to demand a winner every year? You want a team that won’t accept losing under any circumstance? You want people’s heads to roll because of what is happening in this atrocious season? You want the Cardinals to draft better, sign better free agents and spend more money?

Now you’re talking!