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Gambo: Suns shouldn’t sell Nash for 50 cents on the dollar

Just two weeks ago we sat down for the old Gambadoro family tradition of watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” right before Christmas. At one point in the classic movie the bank has called the loan on the old Building and Loan, and after paying everything they have to the bank they have no money left. Word gets out and the people panic wanting their money. George Bailey tries to tell the customers that their money isn’t in the bank its in each others’ houses. Some people panic and run to Mr. Potter because he is giving 50 cents on the dollar for their shares.

When discussing a trade for Steve Nash the Phoenix Suns might as well hurry on over to Potter’s because that is exactly what they will get if they deal their two-time MVP – 50 cents on the dollar – if that! Unfortunately, for the Suns trading Nash makes no sense. Only because you will not be getting back a young star player in return. Whatever teams are interested in trading for Nash are also interested in giving up their garbage, their role players. None of those teams are interested in trading star player for star player. And the Suns aren’t pulling a top-10 draft pick out of a deal either, as the contending teams won’t be picking until late in the draft.

Which is why the Suns would be wise to hold on to Nash, let his contract expire after next year and get some much needed salary cap space as they start over. If they had done that with Amare Stoudemire instead of spending the money on Josh Childress, Hedo Turkoglu and Hakeem Warrick they would have been better off. Now they are stuck with long-term contracts on Childress and Warrick, who barely play. Although they rid themselves of Turkoglu they are tied into Vince Carter’s contract this year plus a buyout next year and Mikael Pietrus’ contract next year should he pick up his option, which seems likely. Marcin Gortat is a keeper, but none of those players are stars and you don’t win in this league with out stars.

The Suns have fielded calls for Nash in the past, mainly from Portland and Toronto. But Portland wasn’t offering Brandon Roy or LaMarcus Aldridge and the Raptors weren’t offering Chris Bosh. The Trail Blazers wanted to give up a draft pick and a combination of players consisting of Rudy Fernandez, Jerryd Bayless and Travis Outlaw. Toronto had centered their trade among giving up Jose Calderon.

So just think what you can get for Nash now. Remember Dallas, San Antonio, and Boston don’t need a point guard. The Magic have nothing the Suns wants, the Lakers can offer up Andrew Bynum but he can’t stay healthy so I would pass, the Knicks might give up Danilo Gallinari, Oklahoma City has James Harden, Houston has Aaron Brooks — the shoot first point guard who doesn’t pass — or Kevin Martin, who just may be the worst defensive player in the NBA.

Look, this is simple, unless you are getting back a star young player or a top 5 pick, which I don’t see happening, I have no interest in trading Steve Nash. I would much rather just enjoy watching him play for the next year and a half and then see Phoenix have some cap space when his contract expires. What Phoenix can’t afford to do is to trade Nash to a contending team for a first-round pick in the mid to late 20’s and two more role players who are under contract for a few years. I have a bad feeling that’s all you would get for Nash.

So I will keep my money at the old Building and Loan rather than get 50 cents on the dollar from Potter.