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Pietrus cares more about money than championships

I’m frankly getting tired of all these athletes lying to us, playing us like we are fools. The latest is Suns swingman Mickael Pietrus, who in dissing the Phoenix Suns to a French newspaper saying the only thing he cares about is winning a title. LIAR.

If Pietrus really cared about winning more than anything else why would he pick up his $5.3 million option with Phoenix, especially if what he says about the Lakers and Celtics being interested in him is true. I’ll tell you why, because Pietrus is no different than most athletes and it’s not winning a championship that’s at the top of his list. It’s making as much money as he can and Pietrus knows damn well that no team in their right mind would pay him anything close to that $5.3 million to miss as many shots as he does.

Pietrus said the Suns didn’t use him and it’s their problem. Hey Mikael — if you would have made more than 39% of your shots I’m sure they would have used you more.

I guess Pietrus forgot that in his first game for Phoenix he made 1-of-6 shots against Miami. Or a week later in back-to-back games against Detroit and Sacramento he shot a combined 7-24. And let’s not forget that 1-for-5 performance in 19 minutes against the Knicks in just his 7th game with the Suns. Somehow Pietrus can’t remember that he played 25 or more minutes in five of his first seven games with Phoenix and only had one good game. Yeah Mickael, you gave the Suns plenty of reason to use you — off the bench!

Now, back to this winning a championship thing. Who has a better chance to win a title next year? The Lakers, Celtics or Suns? Or put it this way, which of those teams has no chance to win a championship next year. We all know the answer and so does Pietrus. But yet he chose to pick up his option with Phoenix instead of taking a minimum deal with the Lakers or Celtics. Why? Because he likes the color of green a heck of a lot more than the color of gold, which is the overlay of the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.

So why play that card? Why do an interview telling the world how much you care about winning a championship when you are full of crap. Why lie to the public when you care about a championship about as much as Casey Anthony cared about her daughter.

Have some pride, tell the truth. You picked up your option with Phoenix because where else can a player that sucks make that type of money to sit the bench. Because while winning a championship with Boston or Los Angeles would be nice, having $5.3 million is a heck of a lot better than making about a mil. Heck, do you know how many croissants $5.3 million will buy. We will understand Mickael and heck most of us wouldn’t even blame you. But don’t tell us you care about winning a title when we all know that you don’t.