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Arizona Cardinals should look at more than Peyton Manning

If the Arizona Cardinals are truly interested in
Peyton Manning, aren’t they admitting that they are not
settled at the quarterback spot?

And if they aren’t, why stop at Manning? Look, I
understand fully the attraction to sign a quarterback
who won a Super Bowl, won four MVP awards, has thrown for
399 touchdowns and 54,828 yards and has 141 wins.

I get it.

Nothing not to like about trying to lure Manning here to
the desert.

But if not Manning, why settle for what you already have?

Clearly, more than half the teams in the league have no
interest in Manning and that’s because they believe in the
signal caller they have.

Arizona is not in that boat.

They have major questions at the position. Kevin Kolb
missed seven games due to a concussion and turf toe in his
first year with the Redbirds and, when he did play, he
wasn’t very good, throwing eight interceptions and being
sacked 30 times.

Second-year quarterback John Skelton won games, going 6-2
as a starter, but he did throw 14 interceptions to just 11
touchdowns and was sacked 23 times.

Clearly the organization isn’t sold on either one of these

So I ask again, why just stop at Manning? Why not consider
trading up for Robert Griffin, signing free agent Matt
Flynn or even considering another quarterback later in the

Look I know the Cardinals have needs, especially on the
offensive line and they don’t have a second round pick
thanks to the Kolb trade. But make no mistake about it
— you don’t win in this league without an elite
quarterback and, right now, you have to question whether
Arizona has one.

Most experts will say no.

So if Arizona makes a pitch for Manning and it fails, why
not kick the tires on Flynn, who started the final regular
season game of the season against Detroit and set a Green
Bay franchise record for yards passing (480) and

Or why not give up your first round pick this year and
next plus an extra pick or two to get what many consider
to be a franchise quarterback in Griffin?

Look, Arizona could keep their picks, draft an offensive
lineman and keep Kolb and Skelton.

Will that create any buzz? Will they be a serious
contender? Probably not.

Get a franchise quarterback and everything changes — just
look at Kurt Warner to see what having a great quarterback

I am all in on going after Manning. Roll the dice, why
not? What do you have to lose?

Nothing but money.

If it works it could be magic, if it doesn’t you can
always say you tried and were committed to winning.

Definitely worth a chance.

But if Arizona fails on delivering Manning, they shouldn’t
give up on looking for that franchise quarterback. Because
in this league, you don’t go anywhere without one.