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MLB should punish the Giants along with Melky Cabrera

It is time.

Time for Major League Baseball to start punishing teams for their players cheating.

I am so tired of this era, so sick of hearing about players cheating. Tired of Ryan Braun, Manny Ramirez, Melky Cabrera.

I thought this steroid/PED era was over, but I guess I was wrong.

Baseball has one option here because as much as they say they have cleaned up the sport, they haven’t. The San Francisco Giants should lose five games in the standings.

In college sports we see universities vacate wins, so why not in baseball? Why should the Giants be in first place after 113 games right now? Why should they be allowed to be in first place after their star player admitted he cheated?

Can’t we argue that the only reason the Giants are in first place is because their star player cheated! So why punish the player but not the team?

If we start punishing the teams they will be more apt to keep a closer eye on their players and maybe fight for more drug testing, maybe even conduct their own in-house testing.

Baseball is the big loser here and so is Melky Cabrera, who just blew a huge payday in a free agent year. But the Giants aren’t the losers. They got 113 games out of a juiced up Melky Cabrera and they are atop the standings with the Dodgers in the National League West.

Can you imagine how the Dodgers will feel if they lose this division by a game or two? It’s time to start punishing the teams as well as the players.