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Los Angeles Lakers had to fire Mike Brown

The 1-4 Lakers wasted little time in firing Mike Brown as head coach, and they fired him for all the right reasons.

Brown and the Princeton offense that he had Eddie Jordan bring in was the worst possible fit for a Lakers team that has Steve Nash.

Brown deserved to be fired. He is a good guy, been around the game a long time. But he is not a smart basketball coach, not a born leader, and he doesn’t have the respect of his players. The nickname the Laker players had for him was “Bubba”, as in Bubba Gump, and they had it for a reason.

There is nothing wrong with the Princeton offense, but you don’t run it when you have Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. You run the Nash offense. You spread the floor and you pick and roll, it benefits everyone.

Which brings us to Mike D’Antoni, the former Suns coach.

The Lakers would be wise to let D’Antoni captain this ship and allow him to bring “Showtime” back to L.A. Not just for Nash, but Howard would excel in that system because of the one he had in Orlando.

The other thought process is to bring Phil Jackson back. This would be a perfect scenario for Phil to ride in on a white horse and save the day, just like he did when Rudy Tomjanovich was let go. The Lakers are a disaster now but they have talent, and Jackson may relish the chance to add to his legacy.

No matter which direction the Lakers choose, Mike Brown had to go.