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Just say ‘no’ to Carson Palmer, Cardinals

Been there done that and nine times out of ten, it doesn’t work.

The Arizona Cardinals should just say ‘no’ to another retread quarterback in Carson Palmer and try something very foreign to them — draft and develop a signal caller. And I’m not talking about taking someone in the later rounds that rarely works, I’m talking about someone in rounds one through three.

But let’s get back to Palmer. He will likely be cut by the Raiders and available. But do you really want another old, unhappy quarterback?

Somehow I see Boomer Esiason all over again. Sorry, but it’s just not worth the stop-gap time. Palmer’s okay — he’s better than what they have, but that’s not saying much.

I’d rather win 4-5 games with Drew Stanton or Brian Hoyer than win 6-7 with Palmer. That way you get a better pick in 2014 and have a better chance of drafting a QB if you don’t grab one this year. Palmer can’t get Arizona to the playoffs — not in this division — so why bother?

Arizona is notorious for the retread and while it worked with Kurt Warner, it failed with Esiason, Kent Graham, Dave Brown and Derek Anderson just to name a few.

So draft Glennon in the second round or go with Stanton or Hoyer, but pass on the 33-year-old guy who never seems to be happy where he is and never seems to win!