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Patterson, ASU deserve credit for standing up to Notre Dame

Memo to Notre Dame: take this pitchfork and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

That is exactly what ASU Athletic Director Steve Patterson told Notre Dame when they attempted to cancel their game at Sun Devil Stadium set for November 8, 2014.

Now, Notre Dame being Notre Dame they just assumed they could write a nice little check and ASU could go on their Sparky way and find some low level opponent to take their place. But Patterson put his foot down and his legal team to work, and most importantly stood firm. He basically told the Golden Domers that they will not be cancelling the game, that there will be no handing over of a check with an apology and that they will be playing in Tempe.

You see, ASU had a contract that said the only way the game could be cancelled was through an Act of God. There was no buyout clause.

Notre Dame, which dropped Michigan and Purdue that same year in an effort to appease their contract with the ACC just figured ASU would follow suit.

But as Lee Corso says, “Not so fast my friend”.

Patterson was having none of it. That is an important home game for the Sun Devils and the community. They will sell out Sun Devil Stadium, restaurants and hotels will be packed. Merchandise will be sold. Tax money generated. Cars rented. By cancelling the game a lot of businesses and people would be affected.

Notre Dame, finally realized Patterson was no push over (Lisa Love), buckled.

ASU stuck up for themselves and their fans and the game will be played.

The return trip to South Bend in 2017 was cancelled, but who cares. That was not a money generator for the Sun Devils. They have plenty of time to fill that void.

Credit Patterson for not allowing the Irish and their pot of gold to step all over him and the Sun Devil family.