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Second of Suns’ first-round picks may find a gem

While all eyes are on the Suns’ selection at #5 in Thursday’s NBA Draft, they also have another first-round pick at 30 and are hoping to find a gem.

As of now, players to consider are Jeff Withey, Reggie Bullock, Isaiah Canaan, Pierre Jackson, Gorgui Dieng and Arizona’s Solomon Hill.

Hill has had some phenomenal workouts, including two with Cleveland which has picks 1, 19, 31 and 33. If the Suns like Hill they will have to grab him at 30 and not try to nab him with their second round pick. There is a lot to like about Hill, as he is versatile, competes extremely hard and can guard shooting guards, small forwards and power forwards. He has great size for a small forward. He plays both ends of the court well, has good leadership skills and has a lot of upside to him.
Hill would be a good pick at 30.

Withey and Dieng will be awful in the NBA because both are soft centers with no toughness and Dieng played in a zone at Louisville so never actually bodied anyone up. He has been manhandled in workouts against mediocre players.

Jackson lacks a good overall game. He’s a decent player but nothing special. Besides Hill, the other two to consider at 30 are Canaan, the Murray State point guard who is not really a point guard but is a terrific scorer. He is somewhat small at 6-feet tall and not a good passer, but he would be a good backup player off the bench to add some scoring punch. Bullock would also be a good fit. The North Carolina product will never be special but he is a solid player who had a torn lateral meniscus, which is somewhat troublesome, but has a good overall game.

The Suns also may take a look at Arizona State’s Carrick Felix in the second round.