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Bickley Blast: A funeral for the BCS is coming

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It has pageantry and traditions. It has mascots that people actually like. It has an emotional connection with fans that simply can’t be duplicated. It has the wild unpredictability that only teenage athletes can provide.

The only thing it lacks is a playoff, and that’s coming next season.

Of all the great story lines in college football, nothing is more appealing than the upcoming funeral for the BCS national title game. Next year will yield a four-team playoff that will only whet a nation’s appetite.

When the ratings and revenue roll in for that bonanza, it’s only a matter of time before the playoff expands to something with more weight, more teams, and more excitement.

Currently, the NFL is the undisputed heavyweight champion. But their sport is more conservative, homogenous and occasionally boring. That’s not the case in college football, where innovation is constantly on display.

The NFL will always have the better players. But college football might have the better game. And once they embrace an 8-team playoff, we’ll find out if Saturdays can replace Sundays as our day of sporting worship.

The above was transcribed from the Bickley Blast, heard on The Dan Bickley Show with Vince Marotta every Monday through Friday at noon on Arizona Sports 620.