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Diamondbacks need to trade for another arm

With the recent success of the Arizona Diamondbacks putting them at or near the top of the NL West there has been talk about them being buyers instead of sellers during the season.

What exactly should they go buy though?

The most logical spots to upgrade would be starting pitching, the bullpen, either corner infield position or left field.

To me, the answer to the question is easy: starting pitching.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that pitching is what wins in October (see Giants in 2010). If this team really feels it has a chance to be playing in October, then they need to add to the starting rotation.

In saying that, I don’t want to see a Dan Haren-type trade (six prospects sent packing). I know to get a big ace you need to give up a lot. Don’t get the big ace until free agency then.

For this season the D-backs should trade and get a serviceable starter. An arm to eat up innings in August and September while also giving your team a chance to win when his turn comes in the rotation.

I wouldn’t expect the offense to be bailed out by this arm, just given a chance to win.

Currently the D-backs have Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Joe Saunders (pitching really well as of late), Zach Duke (haven’t seen enough since coming back from injury) and rookie Josh Collmenter. Those five have looked good on paper over the last month and you might not think another arm is needed. Hang with me.

My biggest worry is Collmenter. Not because of who he is (although I’m very interested to see how he does against teams after they see him once or twice), but rather because he was a bullpen guy and is a rookie. These long outings in May and June are eventually going to take their toll on the guy.

This team is going to need to call upon someone else eventually — maybe multiple people.

Right now the options are bleak. This organization is thin on Major League-ready starting pitchers.

Go make a trade that will better the team while not taking a chunk of what is now just becoming a replenished system of quality prospects.


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