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The cupboard is not bare in Tucson

For nine months, we talked about how brutal the
beginning of Arizona’s schedule was going to be.

I don’t think former head coach Mike Stoops not surviving
the season was really a thought.

The Wildcats were coming off three straight bowl seasons
and were returning one of the top quarterbacks in the

Talk turned to reality and reality was uglier than talk.

Stoops was given a pink slip and the team was 1-5 with a
12-month losing streak to FBS teams.

Thirty minutes into the post-Stoops era and 42 points were
hung on a bad UCLA team.

Let’s not get carried away and realize the real Wildcats
are somewhere in between that awful losing streak and the
spectacular first half.

No way should they have ever lost to Oregon State and if
the secondary plays a tiny bit of defense they beat

The Thursday night shellacking they gave UCLA was bigger
than any of these current players can imagine. It was Pac-
12 big for their future.

This is not a last place Pac-12 South team.

Recruits will see it. Possible future coaches will too.

High school juniors and seniors sitting in their living
rooms Thursday night saw a team with potential.

Are five stars headed to Tucson? No. But neither should
two stars.

When Dan Hawkins left Colorado, they were in a terrible
place. They are and are going to be.

Arizona’s not — and won’t — be in that spot.

I don’t see a bowl game in their future this December but
a solid coach and a bit of a break from the schedule
makers could put them right back in one next December.

TY’s Outtakes

What I learned this week…

I learned that if I went to the Arizona State Fair it’s
possible I could be walking by someone as they chow down
on a Maggot Melt
. Absolutely disgusting. That’s just

Tweet of the week…

Great answer from Lane Kiffin on “Handshakegate.”

I give him credit for answering the question, regardless
of his answer.

@ScottEnyeart: Lane Kiffin on “Handshakegate”:
“Typical Harbaugh. Even Urban and I got along in the

Suggestion of the week…

Best card stunt I’ve seen by fans. Good to see that many
people can cooperate and be on the same page. It looked