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Robin Lopez dead weight for Suns

I’ll admit that the NBA is not my favorite professional sport to watch,
but I do enjoy watching a 7-foot, athletic, big man hone his craft and
dominate in the paint. Unfortunately for me, when Robin Lopez is on the
floor for the Phoenix Suns I get to see none of the above.

Lopez is dead
weight for the Suns and they need to come to their senses and get
rid of him.

The 7-foot, 255 pound big man was drafted out of Stanford in the 1st
round (15th overall) in the 2008 NBA draft by the Suns. When I saw this
pick I was excited about the potential. A big man with athleticism and a
brain, there isn’t a much better combination in the NBA. Unfortunately for
Lopez and for Suns fans, he has yet to leave a positive mark on this team.

Lopez is now in his third season and his career averages are nearly 15
minutes, 3.3 rebounds and 6 points per game. But the disappointment in
Lopez’s career is not just in the numbers, it’s in the effort or lack-there-
of. Sometimes I wonder if Lopez knows what quarter it is when he comes
the game or if he even knows who’s winning.

I once had a very good
source tell me that they “had never seen a basketball player hate playing
basketball as much as Robin does.”

Really? The Suns are paying this guy
nearly $2 million dollars this season just to show up and act like he doesn’t
even want to be there?

I know this is not the first time an athlete goes pro
and makes money but doesn’t really enjoy the game. It’s the only thing
some of these guys know how to do and have done their entire lives and
don’t know what else to do.

I just have a
problem with athletes that have an amazing God given talent and the
opportunity to do something that not many people do and they blow it.
They take it for granted. I know he may not be the
most talented and most skilled but you can ALWAYS work hard.

I think it’s telling when Lon Babby, the President of Basketball Operations,
can come on
the air and say that “there is nothing physically wrong with Lopez.”

Meaning it’s mental? If it’s a mental issue it’s definitely time for the Suns to
get rid of the dead weight and get rid of Robin Lopez. Time to fish or cut
bait. The Suns need to realize he won’t be the player they thought he would
and nobody can EVER make somebody want something. They have to want
it themselves.


Against the Bulls Lopez was in for 3 minutes and had 4 fouls, 0 points and
0 rebounds. Against the Timberwolves he had 3 fouls in 6 minutes of play
with 0 points and 1 rebound. I rest my case.