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November 6, 2012

When do we start questioning Grimm’s coaching and leadership abilities? Before I go off on him I will at least try to be fair and say I know our o-line talent is obviously below average. That said, I would think that Russ Grimm after being with the team for as long as he has now would at least show SOME improvements with pass protection or in the running game.

Shouldnt a great o-line mind like Russ Grimm develop a game plan that puts our mediocre talent at least in a position to be efficient?

It’s time Wiz stops being so buddy buddy with his friends and address this issue at the source!!


I appreciate your attempt to be fair but the answer to your first question is never. In order to blame Grimm for the failures of the offensive line you must be able to show me who is the offensive lineman that failed to develop under Russ Grimm and went on to a great career somewhere else.

If you think Russ Grimm should be able to just make something out-of-nothing, then why don’t you and I play line? The problem is offensive talent evaluation. Why do you think the Packers didn’t want to keep Colledge? Why do you think San Francisco didn’t want to keep Adam Snyder? Why do you think D’Anthony Batiste has played for 6 teams?

The answer is they aren’t very good. My question isn’t why hasn’t Grimm done anything. I’m wondering why are they here?


The ownership does not care about the fans except what they can make off of them. Is this correct? It sure looks like it. They have done nothing to help this mess of a team.

Cards fan

You can try and be wrong.

Signing Adam Snyder and Darryn Colledge was supposed to be a big improvement. You can’t blast ownership when the people spending the money miss on their talent evaluation.


I hesitate to ask this question, as I was born in Silver Spring, MD and have strong feelings for Russ Grimm, the Hall of Fame Hog. How long will Grimm be permitted to fail as the Offensive Line Coach?

Manning did not sign with the Cards, mainly because he knew he would not be protected. Do you feel Grimm is the right man for the job?

Walt M

Since he hasn’t failed yet, I guess he should be allowed to fail forever.

Second question: yes.

There are plenty of situations where ripping the coach is appropriate. Firing Grimm for not having the skill to make average and bad players into great and really good players just doesn’t make sense.