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Green: Goldwater Institute risks hope, chance at joy

Saturday night, at the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver,
the hometown Avalanche trailed the Oilers 4-1 after two
periods of play. Needless to say the crowd, rather
depressed about how poorly their team was doing, was
pretty quiet. In fact, the only thing worth smiling about
was the off-ice entertainment, as funny skits and contests
made it worth staying in your seat.

But then, some on-ice action brought about one of the
largest cheers of the night, though it had nothing to do
with anything happening in Colorado. Going over the scores
from around the league, the following flashed on the

Detroit Red Wings 4
Phoenix Coyotes 5 F S/O

While I’m sure the fans were pleased to see the Red Wings
lose, regardless of the opponent, I know of at least four
people in the building who were glad to learn of a big win
for the Coyotes.

Of course, amid all the reports about the Goldwater
Institute and the battle with Glendale the excitement of
another playoff run is at best dampened and at worst
dismissed, as people are practically numb to the news and
pretty much expect the team to leave. That’s a shame.