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Green: Guess here is Gentry saw Suns’ struggles coming

The Suns, trailing by three with just over a minute to go in an, for all intents and purposes, must win game against Dallas, came out of a timeout needing a bucket.

Getting a desperation three from Channing Frye was bad enough. That he fired away through a defender, attempting to draw a foul, was hardly smart. Doing all that with 17 seconds left on the shot clock? Unacceptable.

So, at that point the plan was to look deeper into the Suns’ late-game execution, or lack thereof, and wonder aloud (or on paper) whether or not head coach Alvin Gentry was to blame. He is, after all, the one drawing up the plays, so when they go horribly, horribly wrong one can surmise that it’s partly his fault.

But then I got to thinking, wondering if this is really the best this roster is capable of, that the roster is so poorly constructed that Gentry never really had a chance.

Of course, he would never say that. Questioning the people who sign your paychecks is rarely a good way to survive in any industry, let alone professional sports, and nothing about Alvin Gentry screams “idiot.”

In fact, having been to many a press conference where Gentry was forced to explain a tough loss, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if the coach could be honest with us – I mean really, brutally honest – he’d tell us about how he saw this coming but could do nothing about it.